Family Integration

Assistance in fostering a homely atmosphere

When a new employee of a company relocates to the country with their family, the needs of the spouse and any children they might have should also be considered.

The home environment inevitably influences work performance and often affects the duration of the employment relationship itself. Drawing on hands-on experience, we aid in avoiding the typical stresses associated with moving.

Family Integration - EXPAT-CENTER

Navigating a broad spectrum of everyday life challenges

The goal of our programme is to strategically shape the impressions that relocating families develop about the city.

To ensure this, we provide assistance in finding babysitters, schools or nurseries, opening bank accounts, managing SZÉP card (Széchenyi Recreational card) affairs, organizing cleaning services, shopping, and every other facet that aids family assimilation. We place significant importance on mother-tongue programmes, fostering personal human connections, and addressing unique requirements.

Family Integration - EXPAT-CENTER