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Hungarian language course

Tired of using your hands and feet to communicate?

Even if some people understand and speak your language in Hungary, the majority of communication will take place in Hungarian in your new environment. It is imperative that you conquer the language barrier, as that will help you to develop personal relationships and will provide you with the self-confidence necessary to understand Hungarian culture. Besides, you can’t take an interpreter with you everywhere, and using your hands and feet to communicate is only funny as long as misunderstandings do not result from the sign language.

What is a waste of money?

A language course that is badly organized and not custom-tailored to your needs, with instructors that are not suited for teaching. Just as you probably know of effective and completely unsuccessful language schools, there are also language instructors who know how to teach Hungarian and there are those who don’t.

How can you have personalized instruction?
Let us help you because we have partnered with language schools and language instructors specialized in the Hungarian language that don’t just correctly evaluate your level of knowledge but take into account your spare time as well as your other needs. You will therefore receive instruction that will not only help you to flourish in Hungary but will also have an equally positive effect on the external and internal communication of your company.

Put an end to sign language! Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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