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Cultural training

Why will simple training, where, for example, the focus will be on Hungarian foods and statutory holidays, not be enough for you?
Because almost all nations have statutory holidays and foods. You can even learn about these things from books. But while a single holiday may be enough for Hungarians where they consume a sizeable helping of paprika potatoes (paprikás krumpli) to commemorate the founding of the state (August 20th), you will continue to be confounded by the everyday cultural differences. And let’s admit it, this will make you feel like a stranger in the new environment, which is not a heartwarming thing when you have so many changes to adapt to anyway.
Is it possible that you don’t know the answers to the questions below?
For example, why taxis don’t charge the same rates when you are in the same city and are traveling the same distance. Why do people take all their used belongings onto the street for everyone to see, and why do other people remove these things? Why do you have to put a lock on bicycles even if you are only going into the store for a minute? What are things that are completely natural in your country but do not constitute acceptable behavior in Hungary? Why smoking is permitted on the streets? And the list of questions goes on…
What will make your cultural training effective? The fact that… 
  • the whole process is a personalized learning program
  • you can always reach your counselor by phone, e-mail or personally if you have any questions
  • it prevents or treats in a timely manner any so-called cultural shock that may affect you when you arrive in Hungary.
Don’t be afraid to laugh or to be amazed by Hungarian customs, but always know the reasons behind them! Don’t miss out on effective cultural training. Contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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