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Family program

Would you like for your family to also feel useful and happy in Hungary?

You will probably be greatly concerned about your family over the process of relocation. Perhaps you are worried that your wife will feel unnecessary or alienated within a short period of time, which will certainly affect your ability to work in Hungary.

How can we avoid this?

 We cannot force someone to love the city but we can influence them. It is useful to have your wife accompany you in the early phases of looking around and if she also perceives the city as one in which she can access everything that is important for her. Be it work opportunities, shopping, entertainment, socializing, school, kindergarten or any other aspect. The important thing is to have her needs satisfied as well because that is the only way to have a smooth and „pain-free” relocation.

What do we have offer your family?

We offer help in finding a babysitter, schools or kindergartens, in organizing birthday parties, taking pictures, shopping and everything else that may help settling in. All of these services are tailor made as mother tongue programs, relationships and individual needs are particularly important in these areas. A one-size-fits-all family program will not help anyone feel at home and intentions may even backfire.

We help your family enjoy Hungary! Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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