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InvoiceManagement service

If you have no end of free time and you are always bored, this service is not for you.

But if you have other things to do instead of interpreting and browsing bills, agreeing with the public utility service providers, making phone-calls for hours and waiting for the meters to be read for your foreign colleagues then we’ve made this up just for you.

InvoiceManagement can help you in the following issues:contact with the utility service providers

  • regularly read utility meters
  • report any service or billing problem and clarify such issues with the providers
  • check the bills and handle cash payments where applicable.

The InvoiceManagement service is available on a subscription basis to expats living in Budapest or its surroundings. There is monthly subscription, as well as quarterly or yearly subscription.

Why should you kill your free time with trying to translate your utility bills and fighting with the providers? Leave all of the hassle for us so you can spend your free time with much more enjoyable things!

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