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Look and see orientation program

Some people who relocate to Hungary are forced to rely on others to help in getting around and in their activities. And then there are people who can quickly and happily adapt to the pace. 
Become one of the latter! How? 
It is time for the usual, boring and long city tours to make way for a truly useful and information-filled program (this will simplify your stay in Hungary). After this program, you will not only know how many statutes are located in the famous Heroes’ Square, but you will also know where to find the closest post office and how to pay your bills. Because if your time in Hungary is ruined by these types of daily problems, then you will not be feeling at home at or outside your work, which will leave its mark on your company as well.

Because what are most city tour programs all about? Showing you the most notable sights in the context of a trip lasting several hours.  And this is something you need, of course, but since you are not a tourist but actually live here, you need information that will make traveling and getting around the city easier, providing you with completely useful and practical knowledge. A simple city tour will not get you far. You need a custom-tailored city orientation program that really allows you to familiarize yourself with the city by taking your interests and individual habits into account.

Would you like to quickly and pleasantly learn the routine of your new residence? And in such a way as to not need help on a daily basis later on? Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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