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Settling in program

Sometimes even Hungarians encounter problems with things such as getting a telephone line installed…

What do we mean by this?

 As someone who has just relocated, you will need time-consuming organization and particularly good language skills if you would like to have the internet installed in your home, or to hire a cleaner, a handyman or even a gardener. Millions of tasks to be carried out, follow-up, which make it impossible for you to concentrate on your new job or other important things.

What is the solution?

We prepared our settling in program especially for those relocating to Hungary and their families, that is for you, so that your daily life would not be burdened with matters concerning your new home. Be it a new insurance policy, the transfer of public utility meters or any other tasks in connection with settling in, we recommend and organize professionals who work quickly and efficiently to satisfy your various needs. The range of our services is only limited by your imagination.

Why couldn’t you concentrate on important things rather than those concerning settling in? Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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