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Business visas

How can you make sure that the obtainment of business visas won’t be a recurring task every few weeks?

Isn’t it in the interest of your new colleagues and yours too that business visas should be provided by the authorities for the longest possible period of time—3 months at the moment? Then we’re at your disposal as we haven’t only got familiar with the unforeseeable difficulties during the long years of experience in administration but we’re ready to share them with you in forms of useful counselling and we’ll inform you about the most important matters.And for what further reasons won’t it be a problem for you to do the office work of business visas? Well, you know it best that little strokes fell great oaks so we’ll arrange things for you that seem to be petit though are in fact time-consuming. So, for example, you won’t need to collect the necessary documents or keep in touch with the Consulate/Embassy.

Would you like to delete the office work of business visas from the list of recurring tasks once and for all? Then for details don’t be afraid to consult our colleague who will be ready to answer all—absolutely all—further questions of yours.

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