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Tax card

It often happens that your new colleague’s tax card does not arrive after you have submitted an application and you have to start again at the beginning…
May we help you?

Is the problem frightening enough for you to avoid it? Let’s see where the problem begins:
After endless paperwork the tax card is finally mailed to the expat’s home address but his/her name is not on the mailbox or the deliveryman simply cannot find it. When this happens, the tax card is returned to the post office where it is kept for two weeks, after which time it is not sent back to the responsible Tax and Financial Supervision Office (APEH) but it is returned to the subcontractor printer, where the fruits of your labor are immediately crushed, hence destroyed.

Why does the above problem not occur when you entrust us with arranging for your expat colleague’s tax card?

Because we ask for certification of the tax number, which you can then use for official purposes even if the card itself is lost in the ether. But this was merely one obstacle out of the many. We will of course be mindful of all other things for you and you will not even have to run around with all the paperwork. What’s more, we will even deal with APEH personally on your colleague’s behalf.

Don’t forget:

Anyone staying longer than 183 days in Hungary must pay taxes. If an assignee stays for fewer days, he/she can decide where he/she will pay taxes, here or back home, but the assignee will still has to prove that he/she has paid taxes somewhere.

Prevent tax card problems! Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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