for expats

Work permit

Just sit back and relax because we will handle everything in connection with your work permit!

We will not only help you to receive a work visa the quickest way but you will not even have to move for the necessary papers to get to us. We will go and collect everything and will even give you useful advice.
And if all of this is not enough: we will personally deal with the authorities and keep contact with them. If necessary, we will do follow up. This means that you will not have to worry yourself with making phone calls. You will have more time for everything else (e.g. familiarizing yourself with your new home).

Wouldn’t it be good if you didn’t have to worry about the permit later on?

Because it will expire after some time. Don’t worry! We will mind the expiry date instead of you having to do so and we will warn you in advance when you will have to apply for an extension. We are sure that you are concerned about your company being fined for illegal labor due to potential delays. We will store the deadline in our database so that you can concentrate on other important things.

What are the usual problems that you will not encounter with us?

  • incomplete application forms, faulty applications (in these cases, the Labor Centre requests the missing information, which results in a minimum 2-week delay)
  • you will not be receiving any salary and you cannot even begin working until the valid work permit is issued (Your company will be subject to substantial fines if you are working illegally.)

Would you like to sit back and relax? Do not trouble yourself with the work permit! Feel free to contact our staff for details and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

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