“Very professional and excellent service and support. All questions have been answered. Each problem was solved. I also appreciated the... - Claus-Dieter Wende, Robert Bosch Kft

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Akashi Kazuto, Sales Manager,Taiho

“Thank you very much for your help!”

Andreeva Tatyana, Sales Service Specialist

„I liked the immediate feedbacks and that they were keepinig me updated”.

Bogdan Luca, Microsoft

“Excellent service, I wish I encounter this more often in Hungary”

Bourla Muki, Project Manager, Head of Operations, Central Europe

“Expatcenter is a great initiative that made our move to Hungary much easier. I highly recommend. The account manager was very kind, effective and responsive; it was a pleasure working with them.”

Christian Aurel Albert, Microsoft

„The fastness exceeded my expectations. Everything went surprisingly fast and effective.”

Claus-Dieter Wende, Robert Bosch Kft

“Very professional and excellent service and support. All questions have been answered. Each problem was solved. I also appreciated the quick responses and that there never was any delay.”

Dimitrije Ilankovic, Traditional Trade Channel Manager, Robert Bosch

“No procedure is too long, with Expat-Center you can’t go wrong.”

Dirk Hoffmann

„Friendly and fast communication, all questions were answered. Great guidance through the registration process.”

Gokhan Pamuk, EDS

“Perfect service, very well communication, excellent result”

Ingo Hürst, Robert Bosch Kft

“Everything was well prepared and ready on time. I am very satisfied with the service done for me.”

Joey Martin, IMB

„I think Györgyi did a great job. She was professional and very quick to help. It was really easy. All I had to do was gather my documents and she did the rest. She also was very considerate of my schedule and was very flexible with me.
I would indeed recommend your company to others in need of a residency permit. It was really easy.”

Jonas Sandström

“Quick help with getting the apartment which is exactly what I wished: good location, spacious, nice furniture, close to work..etc I liked the professional and nice handling by the account manager.”

Kaseebothla Raghuveer

“Expat center helped me to get the Visa at the earliest possible time and before the expected time lines. The service is cordial. Thanks to Expat Center”.

Martine Hörner, The Walt Disney Co

“I found the flat very quickly and my account manager was very good in the negotiations with the owner, he solved most of the issues quite quickly.”

Őszné Medveczky Tímea, HR analyst, EDS

“We are working with Expat-Center since 2006. Expat-Center has been performing exceptional quality of work to us, they can handle the high volume of immigration issues raising frequently. During this period, approximately 250 foreign citizens were handled professionally by Expat Center.
We have found Expat Center a reliable partner to cooperate with and also to benefit from the expertise they have. In general, we do feel confident on the field of immigration procedures as Expat Center ensures that all legal requirements are met. “

Ralph Neudert, Team Leader,Robert Bosch

“Xpatcenter makes the start in Hungary easy!”

Steven Kilbride, Hewitt

„Very helpful and prompt response to all queries.”

Szilard Cserey

” Excellent service, speed, good communication.”

Tatiana Gama

„Friendly and helpful team”

Tom Schwieters, VP and Regional Director, IDC

„I am happy with the service – quick, efficient and discrete. I would recommend your service to my friends”

Trey Shaw, IMB

„Györgyi made everything very easy for us. The service we received was much better than the service we used last time.”

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