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Finding a place to live for yourself and to take care of the related tasks? Oh come on, this wouldn’t even be a simple task back home, let alone in a foreign country.

What type of services do we offer for housing-related problems?

 We have prepared a comprehensive housing program for you, which, as opposed to other similar services, includes the completion of all tasks. So, you might as well check off the following points on your list:

  • we assess your unique needs
  • we prepare a pre-selection from among homes from the largest databases in light of the assessment
  • we arrange for a viewing for you of the selected homes
  • we accompany you to the properties
  • we conduct the price negotiations  (we are familiar with the market and we can negotiate the price)
  • we prepare the lease agreement
  • we ensure that everything is legal and proper for both parties (we do not ignore your interests)
  • what is more, we will even prepare the record of the property at hand over your home?(delivery of keys, reading of meters, state of home, etc.)
  • and if problems arise with the owner’s promises then we will demand adherence to what was recorded in the agreement or the record

Why is the housing program the better choice as opposed to a real estate agency?

1.Because we are a 100% independent relocation company and we don’t just say that we will represent your interests completely but we will also do it.
2.Because we know the obstacles faced by foreigners when searching for housing, something real estate agencies aren’t generally familiar with. Even if they are, avoiding certain obstacles is not in their interest or is not included in their job description. What are these problems?

  • you probably have little information about the city and you may not find what you are expecting at the location or for the price you expect
  • most real estate agencies work with the same small database, which delays or stops you from finding suitable housing (the same home may be offered at different prices by the various real estate agencies)
  • the success of price negotiations depends on how prepared the real estate agent feels him or herself to be for the task
  • the lease agreement is not prepared so as to represent your interests
  • no one demands that the improvements and works promised by the owner are carried out
  • the owner may try to raise the price after he or she finds out that you are a foreigner and that you work for a multinational company

What would you say if your home search process went this easily and if you even felt at home in your new residence? The only thing you should worry about is who to invite to your housewarming party. Feel free to contact our staff for details of the housing program and they will gladly answer all (truly all) of your questions!

Can we help? Ask for a quote! Can we help? Ask for a quote! Nyíl